Kathy Qian

Kathy is currently exploring ideas for enterprise software companies in the data and analytics space. Previously, she was a principal product manager at Amplitude, where she worked on their new experimentation product, and she helped design and analyze strategic initiatives as part of the go-to-market team at APT, a big data startup backed by Accel-KKR that was acquired by Mastercard for $600M.

She also has extensive experience in the social impact space. Kathy co-founded Code for Democracy, a nonprofit that built tools to automate the analysis of open data, worked on civil rights litigation with the ACLU, where she helped sue the Milwaukee Police Department for their stop-and-frisk practices, and led a team of data scientists in the Innovation Labs of the World Bank.

Kathy has a degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated summa cum laude with distinction in 3 years, and she is an alum of South Park Commons, a community of founders and domain experts in SF and NYC.

San Francisco, CA